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Need a Shower Installed or Repaired?

If you are looking for a professional plumber who can come and fit or repair any type make of Showers then DTM Heating and Plumbing Ltd should be your first choice.

Shower Installation

We can supply and fit all shower makes, models and designs. If you already have a shower in place and are looking to upgrade or change the type then we can help. Even if you don’t already have a system in place we are equipped to be able to install a brand new system.
We also have fitted many different styles from Bar mixer systems, walk in cubicle to a fully fitted wet room.

We have the experience to install all types. If you are unsure what would be best for you in your particular space and water system we are happy to advice on what would be the best choice to fit for you within your budget.

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Electric Shower Installation

Electric showers are a good option as they heat water on demand, it is taken directly from the mains cold water supply, it then passes over a heating element inside the shower unit to produce hot water.

The advantages of using an electric shower is you will have continuous hot water on demand, which means you’ll never have to have a cold shower again.

There are a variety of different models that range greatly in price, so depending on what your requirements and budget is we can help you choose the most economical option.

Power Shower Installation

Power showers use water from both hot and cold supplies and then mix it to create your desired temperature. A power shower is a great option if your home has a low pressure water system, but you will need a good supply of hot water, power showers use pump to boost the water flow to create a powerful shower spray.

Again models vary greatly and we are on hand to offer advice on the best type to suit your particular water set-up and what features you require.

Shower Repair

If you have a leak that needs repairing, or maybe a loss of pressure, temperature issues and a host of other shower issues, we specialise in finding and repairing all problems such as hidden leaks in your piping and the like. Our expert plumbers will get them fixed properly once and for all.

Our plumbers always have a stock of the common replacement parts which means we can deal with the majority of repairs in a single visit.

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