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Romford Boiler Services

Having a regular annual boiler service is the best way to ensure your gas boiler keeps running in tip top condition, giving you peace of mind and avoiding unnecessary stress. An unexpected boiler malfunction at any time especially in the winter months when it is needed the most wil;l cause serious disruption and possibly cost more to fix the issue.

Annual Boiler Service Plan

Here at DTM we offer annual serving plans, our Gas Safe Registered engineers are ready to perform  your annual boiler service, ensuring your boiler is kept running safely and efficiently.  We can give you notice of when your next check is due and offer very competitive quotes, and as we are a locally owned and run company we can usually beat most fee’s quoted by the bigger companies, whilst offering you better value  and an outstanding service.

Contact us today to book an appointment for a service or if you have an emergency heating problem that needs to be taken care of ASAP.

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One Off Boiler Servicing

If you weren’t looking for a regular yearly plan then we can also perform a one off service, if you have noticed any issues or problems or you think your heating systems just ins’t running correctly, you have the peace of mind that it is all safe and working well.

Boiler Service Checklist

Our Gas Safe Registered engineers are highly trained and experienced at servicing many boiler types, whether it is system, combi, gas, electric, conventional, and regular boilers. We are able to service many boiler different brands, including Ariston, Alpha, Biasi, Baxi, Ideal, Potterton, Viessmann, Valliant, Worcester Bosch, and Worcester. It doesn’t matter the make, model or age of your boiler, we have seen and worked on them all.

Our comprehensive service will include a visual inspection of your boiler in addition to the components and controls to ensure they are properly working. We will be looking for leaks and corrosion, all boiler seals will be checked to ensure it is functioning and then replace it if needed,  the ignition and the heat exchanger will be tested, which are the most important parts.

We also analyse the flue to ensure optimal burner pressure and combustion are correct, and working efficiently.

We will then advise you of any issues we have seen and any work that is recommended.

Boiler Safety

Gas Safe Registered Engineers RomfordIt is essential you keep your Gas boiler working correctly. If your heating system is not functioning well it can cause the whole system to have to work harder, this could cause strain on components and trigger a breakdown, also if the system is not running efficiently it may have to burn more fuel to produce heat and will cause your utility bills to be unnecessarily higher.

A malfunctioning system can also be deadly, if you have a carbon monoxide leak (which is a colourless and odourless gas), this is hard to detect and if left to build up can cause death.

We strongly recommend every household and property where a gas boiler is present to have a carbon monoxide alarm.

Professional Boiler Servicing

Each of our highly trained engineers is a skilled Gas Safe Registered professional. You can be certain  that we will service your boiler in a safe manner, in compliance to the latest safety procedures.

Always make sure any one that works on your heating system has the correct qualifications and is registered with the Gas Safe Register. We are always happy to show our credentials.

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