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Need A Great General Plumber?

DTM Trusted TraderDTM Heating and Plumbing Ltd are a full service plumbing company, we have built a team of experienced plumbers who can find and fix every common plumbing issue.

Based in Romford, our local talented team are here and ready to carry out all types of general plumbing work that needs to be done in your home, office, commercial or rental property.

Home Plumbing

The trouble is with day to day usage and wear and tear you may well experience leaks, drips, or loss of pressure from your current plumbing, meaning something has failed.

You could have noticed a leak under a floor or a damp spot has suddenly appeared. The fact is your existing plumbing may have issues at anytime, we are here and can help you with any plumbing issues big or small you may have around your home.

Contact us today to book an appointment or if you have an emergency plumbing problem that needs to be taken care of ASAP.

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Commercial Plumbing

DTM have an extensive range of experience working with industrial and commercial customers. We provide not only emergency plumbing and heating services but we take on scheduled maintenance and routine repair work for a variety of service industries. We can also offer you a full range of refurbishment or replacement services.

Call us today to discuss your requirements and we can schedule a time to meet and draw up a bespoke plan for your business

External Plumbing

If you require quality external plumbing work, we are the right stop; we offer a range of comprehensive solutions to match your specific needs.

The most common external plumbing services we are asked about range from water leaks, drain problems, exterior taps, and soakaways.

In order to avoid problems in the future all outside plumbing should be carried out by an experienced professional.

If you have a leaky pipe or some other issue that demands attention, or if you have an outside project then you should keep DTM in mind. We can fix water pipes that have become damaged and leaky due to old age as well as fix any pressure loss.

We take pride in providing the very highest standards of workmanship and make sure we complete every job to your complete satisfaction. All of our plumber work is up to official regulations and code, so you will never have to worry.

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Other Services

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