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trapped air in pipes

turn off mains supplySometimes air can become trapped in your water pipes, you can tell quite quickly if you have this problem as when you turn on the tap it will cause the water to spit and sputter as it comes out, you will also have strange noises and rattling of the pipes that are inside your walls and around the water pipes.

When you first hear these noises it can be quite alarming, your first thought is that something has gone terribly wrong but do not worry as it will not damage your pipes but it will get quite annoying.  

It is quite simple to fix the problem and remove all air that is trapped. 

Step 1 – Find Mains Water Supply

find mains water supplyThe first step is to find and turn off the main water supply.  You will find this in the basement, outside wall or utility area, it is most commonly located in the street just outside of the property.  Shut off your water supply by simply turning the valve in a clockwise direction to stop the water. Turn it anti-clockwise to turn it back on. Make sure you turn the valve slowly and do not force it to move, as excessive force may cause damage.  

Step 2 – Empty The Pipes

In order to remove all air from your pipes you must empty them of water and release any trapped air. Start by turning on every tap in the building, flush every toilet until the tank is empty, remember all taps such as outside taps.

Once all the water stops running the pipes will be empty, leaving them all on go back to the mains supply and turn the water back on by turning anti-clockwise.

Step 3 – Finish

Now the water is back on and running through the pipes you will be able to conform the air has been removed by the lack of noise and by making sure to keep running the water until it is running smoothly, no longer sputtering.

Now you need to turn off all off the water outlets in the property one by one. Start in the upper levels of the property and work your way down turning off each faucet one by one.

You should now have removed all of the trapped air in your pipes, if this procedure has not worked or you keep getting additional air trapped over time it could be an indicator that there is a more serious issue. 

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