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History of town of Romford

DTM Heating and Plumbing Ltd are proud to be Romford Plumbers, we have put together this page to show the history that went in to making our historic town what it is today.

Romford historic townRomford is a town situated in the greater London Region. The first know recording of the settlement was back in 1177, it was known as ‘Romfort’, as the town developed over a 100 or so years some when around the middle ages a main road to London was built, making the Romford market become established in about 1247.

Interestingly the market was to the south side of the town, a site known today as Oldchurch. The market had to move more north nearer to present day location as the river Rom was prone to frequent flooding.

One of the first buildings in the town was the Parish Church. The area was mainly an agricultural area, so many mills were built in order to produce corn.

As the centuries moved on Romford expanded from agriculture to a wide range of industries. It was well known for producing Leather, cloth, weaving and metal work. Due to the main route direct to London Romford became a coaching town some when in the 18th century.

Once the railway station opened in 1839 the town continued to grow at a rapid rate. In 1892 a second station was opened in South Street, which gave a direct route to Tilbury Docks. The two stations were combined in 1934.

Light industry continued to develop which reached its height in the 1970’s, Romford had a number of large factory’s on the outskirts of town which included the Roneo Vickers office machinery company, Colvern manufacturers of wireless components, and May’s Sheet Metal Works.

The population continued to grow and established Romford as a significant regional town centre.

The Liberty Shopping Centre was built in the 1960s, and was then modernised and supplemented with further shopping centres throughout the town, including The Mall, and The Brewery, opened in 2000 on the site of the old Star Brewery.

With the close proximity to London, Romford is a much sought after location for city commuter’s and the area has grown rich in culture and diversity.

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