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fix my heatingIt’s the worst feeling in the world when you’re heating and hot water stop. No one wants to be in that situation, but do not fret, there are some simple checks to carry out before calling in a plumber.

1 –  Check the power supply

It sounds crazy but it does happen to many people, the mains switch to your boiler can be accidentally switched off, without you even realising it. First locate the plug and make sure it hasn’t been switched off.

2 – Check your Circuit Breaker

If the power socket is all ok next step is to check your fuse box in case it has been tripped, also make sure all other electrical appliances are working correctly as well, so we can rule out a power supply issue.

3 – Check the air filter

Next on the list is to make sure the air filter is not blocked or has been obstructed with any items. If the Air filter is blocked it can cause the boiler to overheat and shut down.

4 – Warning Lights

Is the boiler showing any warning lights or error codes? If this is the case then sometimes switching the boiler off and restarting it may help reset the error and get it back up and running.

5 – Check your thermostat

Again this sounds very simple but sometimes the thermostat could be switched off, at a low temperature or could even require new batteries. 

If none of the quick fixes listed above get the boiler working again then you will need to call in the professionals. Never attempt to diagnose a more serious problem yourself. You need qualified Heating engineers to visit and check your boiler system completely.

Call us  now for a local Gas Safe Engineer. We operate a full 24 hour service and can be with you within the hour seven days a week.

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